Troubleshooting Guide

Nine Stars Touchless Lids Troubleshooting Guide
Infrared Trash Can Lids
Lid does not open
Place the power swith in the "I" position and be sure batteries are placed correctly
Remove batteries for 24 hours to reset sensor
Wipe the sensor with a dry cloth
Press the “close” button to reset the trash can
Lid does not close - Indicator light is a
constant green
Check to see if there are any objects within the sensor area. If so remove them
If something is blocking the lid from closing, remove the item and press the
“close” button to reset your trash can
Lid opens slowly and Indicator light is
yellow or Indicator light flashes Yellow
Battery power is low. Replace batteries
If these solutions do not correct the problem you may need a new lid
If your trashcan is still not working properly and you feel you are entitled
to Warranty Benefits, please make sure of the following, before logging a claim:  
1. Your Trash can must not be older than 1 year 
2. You must have Copy of Proof of Purchase
3. or have sent in Warranty Card
If you cannot meet the above requirements – your chances to obtain Warranty
relief is minimal. 
For additional questions and to order replacement lids and accessories,
please visit, call, or email 800 279 3615

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